Indoor outdoor sauna UK. Harvia launches a new brand, Sentio by Harvia, which introduces experiences for all senses and complete mind-body balance into sauna bathing. The brand combines internationally recognised design, practicality and state-of-the-art technology in a unique way. Sentio by Harvia guarantees a first-class experience for even the most demanding sauna user. The heart of the sauna heater is a fully renewed GreenFlame 20 fire chamber, which has been designed with clean combustion in mind. Thanks to this, its carbon monoxide emissions are about 70% lower than before. Sauna and steam UK

Indoor outdoor sauna UK. The Finns have always known that going to the sauna is good for you. After the sauna you feel good and relaxed. Sauna studies show that frequent sauna bathing has many health benefits. These types of studies have been carried out around the world, and Finland has also turned up the heat in science in recent years in particular. Sauna and steam UK. In other words, we have an even better understanding of the effects of sauna use and why these effects are positive. The soft warmth offers you many health benefits: improved blood circulation and immunity, relief from muscle pain, stress relief, and physical and mental relaxation. The Harvia Ventura bench scheme brings a whole new kind of luxury to your sauna decoration scheme. The Ventura benches and backrests come together thanks to form-pressed plies of wood forming gentle lines. The grooves between the benches are both stylish and practical. The benches are very comfortable thanks to the curved front edges. Made of beautiful, light-coloured fuma wood, the Ventura benches are excellently resistant to heat and changes in air humidity. Indoor outdoor sauna UK. When sitting on a Ventura bench, you can completely forget your hectic schedule and focus on what is essential: enjoying the gentle heat of the sauna while admiring your new benches.

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