Multi gyms and fitness

multi gyms and fitness. The Benefits of Multi Gyms. Multi Gyms keep improving in quality, sophistication and the options that are available. While still not as popular as lifting Free Weights, home gym use has grown by 80 percent since 1987, according to the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association. This increase in multi gym use has attracted new manufacturers to the market, giving the consumer more opportunities than ever before to find a system that perfectly fits his or her needs. Unfortunately, it also makes the search for the perfect multi gym that much more difficult. multi gyms and fitness

Using a weight-stack gym machine has several advantages. It looks and feels more like models you find in gyms, a definite plus for those who have lifted in the health-club setting. Weight stacks give you a point of reference; non-weight-stack models may turn them off because of their different feel. They also let you know exactly how much you are lifting. Many non-weight-stack multi gyms make you guess at the amount, making it difficult to track progress. Be advised though that lifting 100lbs on one multigym machine may not feel the same as lifting the same amount on another. The different pulley systems on the various models often cause the actual amount you are lifting to vary slightly. Many of the manufacturers have transformed their multi gyms in the past few years to address this. Changes include protective shrouds over the weight, ergonomically sound seats, the ability to accommodate large differences in body size and easier changes from one weight to another.

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