Weight plates and barbell sets, dumbbells and kettlebells (also known as free weights) are often considered the most versatile workout tools available. Favoured by experienced bodybuilders and weightlifters, free weights offer an inexpensive route to strength training. 

Using free weights such as weight plates and barbell sets, dumbbells or kettlebells incorporates the stabilising muscles that enable you to perform the exercise movement, making you more effective in producing overall muscular strength and power. Thanks to the lack of restriction that you would otherwise have with weight machines, you can perform a wider range of exercises that carry over to everyday life, whilst allowing your body to move throughout all three planes of motion.

Standard Weights and Bars

Ideal for all users, whether you want to build your strength or simply tone muscle. Particularly ideal for beginners, Standard Weight Plates come in various sizes, allowing you to choose the right weight for your needs and ability. Standard Weight Plates have a 1” diameter hole in the centre and are available from 0.5kg to 25kg, whilst Standard Bars have a maximum weight capacity of 120kg, making them ideal for those not wishing to get advanced bodybuilding results.

Olympic Weights and Bars

Olympic Bars are longer and stronger than Standard Bars and are able to withstand a maximum weight load of 750. Olympic Weight Plates therefore come in heavier sizes with a 2” diameter hole in the centre of the plate. They are available from 1.25kg up to 50kg. Olympic Weights are better suited for intermediate/advanced strength trainer who are lifting heavier than the novice/beginner lifter. There are a number of different Weight Plates available, including Cast Iron, Bumper Grip and Rubber plates.

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